Courses Taken at Arizona State University


CSE 555 Theory of Computation with Prof. Colbourn
CSE 569 Fundamentals of Statistical Learning with Prof. Li
CSE 572 Data Mining with Prof. Sen
CSE 591 Coord. of Multi-Robot Systems with Prof. Gil


CSE 576 Natural Language Processing with Prof. Baral
CSE 578 Data Visualization with Prof. Maciejewski & Prof. Candan
CSE 591 Perception in Robotics with Prof. Yang


MAE 501 Linear Algebra in Engineering with Prof. Zhuang
CSE 545 Software Security with Prof. Doupe
CSE 575 Statistical Machine Learning with Prof. Tong
CSE 577 Advanced Geometric Modeling I with Dr. Hansford
CSE 691 Optimization Algorithms with Prof. Xue


CSE 340 Principles of Programming Languages with Prof. Bazzi
CSE 355 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science with Prof. Colbourn
CSE 430 Operating Systems with Prof. Zhao
CSE 570 Advanced Computer Graphics I with Dr. Hansford
CSE 571 Artificial Intelligence with Prof. Ben Amor


MAT 243 Discrete Math Structures with Dr. Elledge
CSE 220 Programming for Computer Engineers with Dr. Grover
CSE 230 Assembly Language Programming with Prof. Nakamura
CSE 310 Data Structures and Algorithms with Prof. Tong
CSE 360 Introduction to Software Engineering with Prof. Sarjoughian


CSE 110 Principles of Programming with Java with Dr. Tadayon-Navabi
EEE 120 Digital Design Fundamentals with Dr. Pandi
CSE 205 Object-Oriented Programming with Prof. Hsiao